What we have now is stories!

What we have now is stories. Before it was all projection. This theater will do this and this and this. Now we have the images of a father sitting in the front row with his 5 year old daughter, and occasionally looking down at her rapt face and smiling. Or the cranky grandmother who held a grudge about the ticket price through the first half of the show (as her grand kids where clearly spellbound by the story) and then shocked by the wolf howls gave over to the story and left the theater saying what a good show it was.

Or my favorite that I’ve told over and over: the mother with her two boys who saw the show both in Barnard and then in Vergennes. What I’m thinking of today is the conversations that happened on the way home from Barnard, at home that night. The decision to go see the show again, maybe change plans, the drive up, seeing it a second time and so on and so on. This is engagement, between adult and child, engagement over a classic story. That is our mission. we have achieved it. Now we grow, and yes this is the basis of our first fundraising letter.
Thank you all for your support, and belief in this vision.
Sincerely, Ethan