Vlemk the Box Painter

Bald Mountain Theater presents Vlemk the Box Painter

Can a painting be so true to life that it speaks? And, if that is achieved, is it a good thing?

Bald Mountain Theater presents a performance of John Gardner’s Vlemk the Box Painter. Gardner, famous for his novel Grendel—which retells Beowulf from the monster’s point of view— has created an intense, touching and humorous fairy tale about a shambling mess of a box painter who falls in love with the local princess. When he asks for her hand in marriage she challenges him to paint a picture of her so true to life it speaks. When he succeeds, the kingdom is thrown into chaos. Filled with vivid supporting characters and a deep sense of truth, Vlemk the Box Painter also raises the question of what is art and what is love — and are they compatible?

Performed by master reader Ethan Bowen and supported by a surround sound design, Vlemk the Box Painter is an immersive experience in storytelling. Bowen jumps from character to character with his tour-de-force performance, driving the story with tempo and expression to bring this honest and engaging story to life.

Bald Mountain Theater specializes in developing lesser-known folk and fairy tales into theatrical productions that surprise and challenge our audiences to see these stories in a new light. Our touring productions of Hansel and Gretel and Puss in Boots were met with enthusiastic responses in towns across Vermont. Our home base production series Stories You Should Know; There Once Was; and Solo with Sound at Spice Studio in Rochester, allow us to dig deep into the story canon.

Come and enjoy a perfect story for a summer night!


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