“There Once Was …” (2017)

Bald Mountain Theater presents “There Once Was …”

“There Once Was …” – A Frenzy of Theatrical Creation

Three Fairy Tales + Six Actors + Two Musicians + No Rules = Four Days of Fun

Bald Mountain Theater is proud to announce the return of its family-friendly event “There Once Was …” with new stories for 2017.

“This is my chance to gather together some of my favorite performers”’ says Artistic Director Ethan Bowen, “and unleash them on some of my favorite stories. The emphasis is on creative theater: how does someone “fly” with two sticks and a long piece of fabric? How do we create monsters and three-headed snakes? How do we tell these great stories in the most fun way possible?”

This year the stories are from Czech:

“Boyislav, Youngest of Twelve”: Marooned on an island by his jealous brothers, Boyislav enlists the help of a talking horse to guide him on an epic journey.

“The King of the Toads”: A king must right the wrong of a faithless queen who has run off with The King of the Toads.

“Yelena the Wise”: A hero falls in love with the wild Yelena and must pursue her by means of magic and tricks.

Wild, wonderful and playful, “There Once Was …” is a treat for the whole family. Come enjoy the fun!

Bald Mountain Theater specializes in developing lesser-known folk and fairy tales into theatrical productions that surprise and challenge our audiences. Our touring performances of Hansel and Gretel and Puss in Boots were met with enthusiastic responses in towns across Vermont. Our home-based productions at Spice Studio in Rochester, including our show “Vlemk the Box Painter”, allow us to dig deep into the story canon.

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