Puss in Boots

What does it take to get ahead in the world? When a third son inherits nothing but a cat, he prepares to starve. But this is no ordinary cat! In Bald Mountain’s fast and fun new adaptation, Puss in Boots is ambitious, driven to push his master to the top. Which begs the question for the son—and for us all—what kind of success do we want?

Expanded from the original story, this lively adaptation by Bald Mountain’s creative director Ethan Bowen features a small yet dynamic cast playing many roles paired with a driving score that bursts into song. Bowen says, “This story is the American dream gone wild and we had a blast peopling the work with wonderfully vivid characters. Characters change on the fly, dialects flying every which way, and physical comedy is the rule of the day.”

Adapter, Director: Ethan Bowen
Composer, Musician: Justine Cavacas
Performers: Dana Block, Christine Meagher, Toby Meuller-Medlicott, Tristan Goding, Robert Malek Finkle
Designer: Robert Malek Finkle

Tour History:

Vermont Tour, 13 towns, October/November 2016